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Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date

Each year Apple makes its presence widely known by releasing a new or updated version of the iPhone. 2012 promises to be when the iPhone 5 release date is going to be officially announced.
As in keeping with previous traditions for releasing earlier versions of the device, it’s appearing that Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 in the fall. Rumors about what the iPhone 5 is going to look like or the components that it is going to have are scattered, but it appears that the case is going to have either plastic or aluminum along the back. It is also rumored that it’s going to extend around the front of the iPhone 5 for a more uniform appearance all around that gives the back more protection from falls and shock.
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iPhone 5 to have 4G LTE

Long considered to be the mobile community’s “next generation” technology, 4G LTE compatibility is being said to be a very real possibility when it comes to the iPhone 5 release date hits later this fall.
The reality of LTE may be realized within the next few months when Apple’s iPad 3 hits the market. In the last week, Bloomberg released several reports citing that the iPad 3 is currently being produced and will truly feature LTE technology. Should this happen with the iPad 3, it’s more than likely that the iPhone 5 will also include 4G LTE as well.
It’s worth noting that a survey that was conducted a few days or months after the release date of the iPhone 4S highlighted what users considered as lacking in the expectations not becauce of its screen size, but beacuse of its lack of LTE. This served as an indication that the mobile community is ready to consider the 4G LTE as the new standard.

iPhone 5

Mobile networks in the United States seems to be in agreement with this as Sprint and Verizon have spent a lot of resources just to execute the infrastructure of the 4G LTE network. As for AT&T, the network has been working in a low profile with its very own LTE endeavors. Regardless of the amount of effort the three big networks are putting to have LTE, it is without a doubt that they are preparing a real 4G network with iPhone 5′s release.
Right now, what most consumers need is an LTE operating iPhone 5. Reports support this by saying that the upcoming iPhone device that will feature LTE will effectively place the 4G LTE on the level that is considered as the novel standard in mobile communications.
This means that if Apple launches an iPhone 5 with LTE and is able to sell millions of units, LTE will surely be an increasing part of the smartphone pie. What this simply implies is that iPhone 5 will be LTE’s game changer just like how iPad pioneered the tablet and the first iPhone led the way to the smartphone that is currently known to many.

iPhone 5 Release Date Speculation

There has been much speculation on the iphone 5 and whether or not it will be the final Steve Jobs release. The iphone 5 is said to have more features than the current iphone and is much thinner. The actual iphone 5 release date is unknown but some rumors are speculating that it should arrive between mid or fall of 2012.
The new iphone is said to have an A6 dual processor and included with that, a 10 megapixel camera. Other features on the iphone 5 such as the button placement haven’t changed much compared to the current iphone, expect that the buttons are square. Also included is a hold button located above the 3.5mm jack. The covering is expected to be made from either plastic or aluminum in order to give the iphone a more uniform look, and to protect the phone overall from falls or shock.The designer of this recent technology is said to be Antonio De Rosa.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Concept photos of the iphone 5 have been released to excite and encourage fans. The founder of Apple computers, Steve Jobs passed away October 2011 when he lost the fight to cancer. The full name of the new iphone is the iphone 5SJ in honor of the well renowned owner, Steve Jobs. Other gossip of the release delay is said that the iphone 5 is not compatible with 4G LTE. However, many readings state that it will be compatible with the 4G LTE network. Another amazing feature for the iphone 5 is that the screen is much larger and its design is lightweight. The iphone 5 is rumored to have a new operating system created by Apple called iOs 5. This will allow the user to have a more satisfying calling or receiving calls experience compared to the iphone 4.
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